The XD dynamic cinema system of Fast Fuji includes dynamic seats, dynamic films, dynamic wind effects and dynamic light effects. Visitors can experience the real feelings of speed, weightlessness and pursuit to a great extent.
Fast Fuji
It can lift the "Gorilla" with a 24 person cockpit, lifting the visitor's cabin into the air, tilting and rocking, and with angry red eyes, roar, smoke and other special effects, bring a series of visual, auditory and tactile shocks to passengers in the cabin, experience a different and exciting scene like watching The King Kong movie. 
Back to Jurassic
Surrounded by English folk songs and filled with French flower fields, European stars will take you to your happy heart to find a small town in the Swiss mountains, break into the Windmill kingdom of Holland, explore the magic tunnel of Denmark and play with the Spanish fruit farm, feel the passionate collision of romantic idyllic and cultural flavor in the vast and rich European land!
Cross Europe
The world's first live shot hanging ring screen cinema, with the world's top entertainment equipment and the most powerful Hollywood production team, has achieved the most fantastic flying journey and the most exciting physical and mental experience.
Flying Over America

You can see the snow white picture in the northern winter and listen to the cold wind in the winter of the northern area.
But you cannot image you also can enjoy the northern winter landscape and experience running with lightning speed in the snow ground in Shenzhen where four season are like spring all the year around.  Now, there is a place-window of the world in Shenzhen can make your dream come true. You can see the snowflake and enjoy the snow fun.

Alps Ice and Snow World
This project is packaged with the theme of culture of South America, introduces the international advanced infrared ray ranging electrical slide facilities with the total length of 800 meters, and is the longest electrical slide in the world currently, is controlled by the computer at the constant speed to pass through the original rainforest of Amazon rapidly in the strange tropical plants and in the giant dinosaur roar, so that feel the special effect of lightning and tree falling and experience the perfect combination of the speed and passion!
Amazon Bobkart Slide
In South America's jungles, let's explore the enigmatic Inca maze, where the glorious Inca empire emerged from a dream thousands of years ago. The thrill of extreme sports will make you forget all the unpleasant things, pack your bags, put down the pressure, release yourself, come on! The treasures of Machu Picchu are waiting for you to discover and the maze's sights are waiting for you to enjoy.
Inca Rock-climbing
Pyramid explores the mystery of the Millennium tomb: the new 4D technology light and shadow effect is integrated into it to reappear the mysterious scene of the Millennium ancient tomb. Combined with the three-dimensional picture, sound effect, touch and other multiple experiences, visitors can experience the thrilling excitement and fun of catastrophic cave collapse, weightlessness elevator and corpse attack.
Pyramid Fantasy